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Old 10-08-2008, 07:10 AM   #31
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Originally posted by BennyK
And one last thing - a phrase of mine that was ignored:
I wouldn't have gotten a Vista even if it was free and my computer could run it. It has no obvious advantages over XP and so far it has no exclusive software (besides DirectX 10 which is a bit shame since I wanted to see if it's any easier to program games with then 9, but all new games so far have a DirectX 9 version too), and It takes much more RAM, hard disc space and CPU usage constantly.

Lol, My posts are getting bigger and bigger :headbang: . hope somebody bothers reading .
well i bothered to read it :p it quoted me!

well, i know you said "if you had use for it...." but what i said in response was a reponse in teh case that you actually did have use for it.
of course in the case that the antecedents were false (im starting to speak in philosophy in this post... i'll only explain what antecedents means on request) i would still have said the same thing. but wouldn't have quoted you :p

as for vista vs xp, yeah i dont like the idea that vista takes up so much of your resources...
i heard it need 128mb of your graphics minimum

but then, the support for the 64bit drivers are better for vista than xp

i would say there aren't many games in dx10, but we all know that's a stupid thing to say

in the close future i hopefully plan on getting my friend to get parts and build a pc for me, so i will need to buy an OS

however, i still have free legit access to lots of windows software, like xp64bit and 32bit in both english and japanese and spanish, and vista business and windows server 2003/8 and many other things

it was a $40 well spent to sign up to ieee student membership and a free sausage

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

Computer skills I should have:
Objective C, C#, Java, MEL. Python, C++, XML, JavaScript, XSLT, HTML, SQL, CSS, FXScript, Clips, SOAR, ActionScript, OpenGL, DirectX
Maya, XSI, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Motion, Illustrator, Flash, Swift3D
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Old 10-08-2008, 12:25 PM   #32
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Guys please please please be aware the purchase of OEM software, like Windows XP Pro or Vista or Maya or any other software that it advertised as OEM is illegle.

OEM Software is provided by Hardware Manafactures as part of a bundle, and a good example is when you buy a Burner and you get a free copy of a full version of Nero x.x or when you get a Laptop and it comes with Windows XP Pro/Home. This software is OEM and is not meant for resale. This is the same as buying drinks, food etc... in bundle and it has a big print on it stating THIS IS NOT FOR RESALE. Sites like this eventually get found out and closed down because they are selling you software (that may work), but is illeagle as the creators of the software are getting no money for the licence or rights from your ownership.

If you are going to use there types of site you may as well use a torrent, its exactly the same thing. Except no hacking...
Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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I didn't even follow the link til just now and I gotta be honest, Maya Unlimited 8.0 for under $200...just doesn't make sense, the fact that its downloadable (plus the fact that this site still says it retails for $7000) just seals it. Bogus.
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