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Default Texture Resolution Question

Does anyone have any knowledge on why we use texture resolutions such as 512px x 512px instead of 500px x 500px.

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mostly a computational thing. Plus, they divide evenly. For instance, the next size down from 512 is 256. The next size down is 128. Then 64. Then 32. Then 16. And so on. However the next size down from 500 would be 250. Then 125. The next size down is 31.25. Then 7.8125. Which would be a horrible ordeal to have to remember!
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yeah its down to binary 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 yada yada. which is the number of "blocks" or pixels. scales up (and down) nicely.

Though on that front if I remember rightly HDD's are rounded to 1000's over 1024 in an OS but not by the manufacturer so what your PC "sees" is the rounded but the HDD is quoted as the full. Or theres something like that with them!! Got a year older today so starting to loose it!
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Actually, you only got a day older today... but like you say, we only see the rounded

Happy birthday anyway!
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because round numbers are for noobs

mike and steve have it right

they reflect the largest numbers you can get with binary (only 0 and 1 exist)
2 = 1
4 = 11
6 = 111
8 = 1111
16 = 11111
number of combinations of 1 and 0 = number of digits you can put next to each other

keep adding another 1, you'll multiply the largest number by 2

yeah my answer is probably as incoherant as that old geezer over there *points to steve*
but i'm also getting old and senile... that and i expect everyone to know what binary is and so what i said makes sense...

ps, programmer's worst nightmare: 011011012

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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