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Sergej Zlahtic Software: Maya 2012

Learn to create photorealistic renders in mental ray with this product shot of paint tubes. We start by modeling the tubes, then move on to UV layout and lighting, before we design the materials. This project will teach you how to pay attention to...

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Jason Edwards Software: Maya 2011

In this project we take a look at a texturing workflow in ZBrush, Photoshop and Maya. We start off painting in ZBrush, where we generate normal and displacement maps. From here we continue in Photoshop where we make the eye textures and cloth. In th...

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Nilla Nova Software: Maya 2011

Learn to make nice looking glass in Maya with this tutorial. We look at the complete process, from modeling through to rendering. Topics covered include glass shading and image based lighting. We also look at how to set up caustic lights in mental ra...

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SimplyMaya Software: Maya 2011

In this beginner tutorial we cover the basics for getting started with lights in Maya. We look at different light types, with focus on the spot light. Topics covered include shadows, decay and light linking. We also look at how to create a three-poin...

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