Tutorial Overview

In this project we create a NURBS glass jug model. The instructor you'll be following along with in this project is Jason Edwards who is a Senior Modeler at Digital Domain. The first part covers the modeling process where we use the CV curve tool to build a curve around which we revolve the surface of the jug. Using NURBS and curves techniques like the one explained in this tutorial will allow you to generate household objects like cups, mugs and plates really quickly so it’s very useful to learn. When we have a shape we’re happy with, we create another curve to model the handle of the jug and show how you can edit curves and surfaces through CV points. In the second part we take a look at Mental Ray’s Dielectric Material, and how it can be used to get a good glass shader straight out of the box. If you want to know more about lighting and rendering realistic glass with caustics in Mental Ray you can watch our HDR Glass tutorial. This tutorial is free to download for all Simply Maya members. Membership is free, you can sign up here if you are not already a registered member.


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