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Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Courseware
Key Features
Get all five volumes of our Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment courseware and save 15% (normal price $149). This series will take you through the complete pipeline of creating animated and textured exterior shots, starting with the modeling of the house and finishing off with the final composite.

Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Volume 1

Learn how to model a house based on architectural blueprints in Maya. We use a variety of modeling techniques with polygons, NURBS and curves to build the house in this step-by-step project. [Full Details Volume 1]

Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Volume 2

This tutorial covers the UV layout and environment creation. Here we look at a wide range of topics to prepare for texturing such as UV mapping, baking high-res geometry into displacement, and generating normal and ambient occlusion maps. You'll also learn how to use Paint FX in Maya to create trees and bushes for any type of environment, do a basic camera match and various techniques for placing objects with particle systems. [Full Details Volume 2]

Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Volume 3

In this tutorial we cover the texturing and animation of environments, as well as some techniques for complex paint effects. [Full Details Volume 3]

Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Volume 4

In this tutorial we cover the texturing and materials for the main house. The bulk of the texturing is done in Mari where we create diffuse color, bump, spec, displacement and dirt maps. We also look at various techniques to generate baked maps to aid the texturing process. [Full Details Volume 4]

Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Volume 5

In this tutorial we take a look at the new system for render passes and layers in Maya 2016, before moving on to Nuke to composite both the still shot and the animation. [Full Details Volume 5]

All necessary scene files are included with this courseware.
  • Length: 27 Hours 58 Minutes
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Software: Maya 2016, Nuke 9, Mari
  • Format: 1080p HD
  • Points Cost: 80
  • Price: $124.95
Lesson Breakdown
  • Vol1 1a: Cutting up architectural blueprints
  • Vol1 1b: Layout of plans in Maya
  • Vol1 1c: Modeling the first and second floors
  • Vol1 2a: Blocking out the roof sections
  • Vol1 2b: Cutting holes for windows & doors
  • Vol1 2c: Modeling the front patio
  • Vol1 3a: Decorative railings with curves
  • Vol1 3b: Creating wooden support beams
  • Vol1 3c: Bending the decorative beams
  • Vol1 4a: Modeling the window frames
  • Vol1 4b: Creating the inner windows
  • Vol1 4c: Adding details to the windows
  • Vol1 5a: Window detailing continues
  • Vol1 5b: Creating the bay window
  • Vol1 5c: Modeling chimneys and shutters
  • Vol1 6a: Creating the guttering
  • Vol1 6b: Making the decorative ivy
  • Vol1 6c: Tiling the roof and final renders
  • Vol2 1a: Roof UV layout
  • Vol2 2a: Baking displacement
  • Vol2 2b: Ambient maps with MR and Turtle
  • Vol2 3a: Putting baked textures together
  • Vol2 3b: UV layout main house
  • Vol2 4a: Create leafless trees
  • Vol2 4b: Create leafy trees
  • Vol2 5a: Create bushes and ground cover
  • Vol2 5b: Create grass and prep for export
  • Vol2 6a: Basic camera matching
  • Vol2 6b: Setup and placement of trees
  • Vol2 7a: Placement continues
  • Vol2 7b: Particle systems
  • Vol2 7c: Ivy generation for tree trunks
  • Vol3 1a: Scene files overview
  • Vol3 1b: Project introduction
  • Vol3 2a: Animation with Paint Effects
  • Vol03 2b: Animated PFX with custom UV
  • Vol03 2c: PFX geometry replacement & caching
  • Vol03 3a: Color management and lighting
  • Vol3 3b: Leaf cards in Photoshop
  • Vol3 3c: MILA material in Maya
  • Vol3 4a: Material creation continued
  • Vol3 4b: Material creation continued
  • Vol3 4c: Texturing Flowers
  • Vol3 5a: Texturing Flowers continued
  • Vol3 5b: Final scene walkthrough
  • Vol4 1a: Scene files
  • Vol4 1b: Project overview
  • Vol4 2a: Mari basics
  • Vol4 2b: Base texture house
  • Vol4 2c: Distressing texture
  • Vol4 3a: Wood textures
  • Vol4 3b: Finalize diffuse texture
  • Vol4 3c: Bump maps
  • Vol4 4a: Roof curvature map; Displacement map & Ambient Occlusion map
  • Vol4 4b: Roof base texture
  • Vol4 4c: Roof base texture continued
  • Vol4 5a: Roof moss and bump maps
  • Vol4 5b: Finalizing the roof
  • Vol4 5c: Materials in Maya
  • Vol4 6a: Dirt maps
  • Vol4 6b: Spec maps and final render
  • Vol5 1a: Scene files overview in Maya
  • Vol5 1b: Ambient Occlusion Layer in Maya
  • Vol5 2a: Volume Fog Layer in Maya
  • Vol5 3a: Render Passes in Maya
  • Vol5 3b: Basic composite in Nuke
  • Vol5 4a: Putting everything together in Nuke
  • Vol5 4b: premult unpremult masking and color correction
  • Vol5 5a: Animating backgrounds in Nuke
  • Vol5 5b: Final animated composite in Nuke
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Spach-Alspaugh House and Environment Courseware
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Download Lesson Pack 27
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Download Lesson Pack 28
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Download Lesson Pack 29
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80 / 80
27 H 58 M
15380 MB
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