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Modeling Workflow - Poly Plane Techniques
Key Features
In this modeling tutorial, which shows numerous great techniques that will help you with hard surface modeling in Maya, we build a WWII jerry can. Creating the main body of the canister with its distinctive indented X pattern can be a challenge; however, using the poly plane technique we start from a single polygon plane at the center of the canister and work outward producing very light geometry while offering the greatest control of the surface detail.

Several other modeling techniques are demonstrated as we build the remainder of the canister - spout and cap, intricate latch mechanism, and handles. You'll learn where to draw edges to prevent pinching and stretching and bevel them so that light is reflected well which will give your hard surface models a more realistic look, as well as how to control hard edges and build up a high level of detail in your geometry.

  • Hard Surface Modeling in Maya
  • Polygon Plane Extrusions
  • Object Parenting
  • Face Normals
  • Booleans
  • Bevel & Bridge Tools
  • Extruding Geometry
  • Preventing Pinching & Stretching on a Model

Some of the very useful modeling tips for the new 3D modeler in Maya demonstrated in this tutorial includes - putting holes in surfaces, aligning the local axis of objects, building objects based on their profile with the create polygon tool, and using polygon primitives as starting shapes.

  • Length: 2 Hours 9 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya 2011
  • Format: MPEG
  • Points Cost: 8
  • Price: $14.95
Lesson Breakdown
  • Lesson 1: Modeling Can Body
  • Lesson 2: Adding Bevels & Seams
  • Lesson 3: Modeling Neck of Can
  • Lesson 4: Modeling Handle
  • Lesson 5: Modeling Handle Continued
  • Lesson 6: Cap Modeling & Assembly
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Modeling Workflow - Poly Plane Techniques
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