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Hard Surface - Heckler & Koch USC Rifle
Key Features
In this eight hour long tutorial we go over the complete process of modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering the Heckler & Koch Universal Self Loading Carbine Rifle in Maya. This is a highly detailed hard surface modeling project where we start by studying a number of reference images to get an idea of all the different component parts that make up the fully assembled rifle.

Following detailed references to get a model in Maya that's faithful to the real world equivalent, we use box modeling techniques to create the different shapes on the model. During this process you'll get a lot of practice working with polygon modeling tools and techniques to create a great hard surface model with all the internal parts as well as the external. It's a good exercise in detailed hard surface modeling and learning how to create something with perfect accuracy in Maya which is necessary a lot of the time for models intended for advertisement and the film industry. Paying attention to little details the way it's done in this tutorial can take you a long way, and the complete assembly of a model like this can make for an excellent addition to your showreel.

When the model is done we lay out our UV's in Maya and create the textures. The final piece is then lit and rendered in Mental Ray.

  • Hard Surface Modeling in Maya
  • Polygon Modeling Tools & Techniques
  • Working with Reference Material
  • UV Layout for Hard Surface Objects
  • Texturing & Shading
  • Lighting & Rendering in Mental Ray

This tutorial was created for Simply Maya by Jason Edwards who's a Senior Modeler at Digital Domain. You can read an interview we made with him a few months ago here.

  • Length: 7 Hours 37 Minutes
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Software: Maya 2008
  • Format: MPEG
  • Points Cost: 23
  • Price: $34.95
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Hard Surface - Heckler & Koch USC Rifle
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