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liesengthok 13-10-2007 11:02 AM

Death Brain Maya Nurb Tutorials
Does anyone can help me to obtain these tutorials.
One part of the curriculum of my teaching is computer graphic, and I had downoaded these DeathBrain NURB tutorials long time ago, but somehow lost it when there was flood in my area.
Your help is appreciated.
Thank you and best regards,
AssoProf Lie S.T.
Nanyang Technological University

Death Brain Maya Nurb Tutorials:
1- Learning by Download
2- NURBS Speed Boat with Maya
3- Maya Basic Curves
4- NURBS Circular Fillet and Trim Modeling With Maya
5- NURBS Car Wheel With Maya
6- NURBS Sports Car Seat with Maya
7- NURBS Car Steering Wheel with Maya
8- NURBS Car Tire with Maya
9- Car headlights / misc lamps with Maya
10- Perfume/Glass Design With Maya

AnthonyCg 21-10-2007 10:46 AM

Don't know where you could get those, but the car tutorial on SM knocks out all of that stuff anyway.

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