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scottmr 02-03-2013 03:36 PM

Multiple issues: Extrude deleting faces?!
Maya 2013
Win7, 64bit-updates are current.
4GB Ram

The first four days of use I had no issues. Day five and six? One new issue after another.
1) Occasionally, 'Extrude' will DELETE the face of what I'm working on. (Temper-mental)
2) Camera view cannot tumble to backside of object. New issue today.
3) Random critical error crashes.

All this happens with very simple geometry i.e. literally one or two boxes I just started working on. I'm not rendering, just simple modeling.

Tried: Repair, and reinstall via Maya. Also, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still having the same issues.

Memory is adequate, I have nothing else running. It is odd that the first several days of use I did have multiple programs running and had no issues with anything. Now? Nothing but issues.

Maybe I should go back to Sketchup?


scottmr 11-03-2013 10:54 PM

Solution found
If you quit Maya, delete the userPrefs.mel file in your userís prefs folder and restart Maya, this usually fixes any problems that are caused by corrupt settings. That way, you can leave your colour settings, scripts, hotkeys and shelves untouched.

Girard, Dave (2012-02-22). 101 Autodesk Maya Tips (Kindle Locations 368-370). . Kindle Edition.

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