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david.cheney 27-08-2007 12:05 AM

desperate search for fix to Live frame load problem
I am trying to do a Maya 7 track of a short DV clip I shot.
I've de-interlaced and saved as a file.NNN.tif series.
When I do a Maya Live->New Matchmove setup, the series
loads without error and the frame range is set properly. HOWEVER, no image appears on the image plane.
Scrubbing forward, the first image appears at frame
37. This is not a problem with frames per sec, it is a problem with the timeline and the actual frames being WAY out of sync. My clip is 679 frames. Live shows nothing in frames 1-36. The clip appears at timeline marker 37 and runs until timeline 1591. This despite Live telling me it loaded 679 frames. I have to extend the timeline manually to see the last 2/3rd of the clip. When I try to track, the movie window shows frme numbers that make sense, but anything in the UI related the timeline is broken, Entering starting and ending frame numbers gives wrong results... giving actual frame numbers results in tracking the wrong portion of the clip; giving numbers from the timeline complains that no such frames exist. I've tried different clips of different lengths, types, filename formats ... they look good in fcheck. Same results... view starts at timeline 37 (starting count at 1) and is unexplained length. I've tried different framerates, etc in preferences... no effect.

I'm fearing this is a hardware issue... I even reinstalled Maya :( No luck.

I'm in hell here - What gives???

This on a Dell XPS710 Quad with Win XP SVP2, NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX.

Thanks in advance, Dave:headbang:

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