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Venorm 09-08-2008 07:26 AM

couch table - my first object!
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after viewing some tutorials today i start my own object. The goal is to model a couch table which looks realistic at the end. So what are the steps:

1. model the object
2. texturing the object
3. render the object (mental ray)

I hope i get some feedback so that i can learn some nice things.

But at first here is the beginning: (reference picture (modified - the bottom table part should be transparent, no glas at the top), wireframe and shaded object with test texture)

Thanks for feedback!


Venorm 09-08-2008 09:10 AM

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Okay here is the first test render. Later i will add textures...

What do you think of that ?

Venorm 09-08-2008 09:48 AM

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Okay the last one for this day. Rendered with mental ray - Global Illumination,Final Gather,Caustics on.

Material is a dgs mentalray material with a file texture in the diffuse attribute.

The problem is, why does it not look realistic? It is the model itself, the texture, or what ?

Thanks for help.


RockyMills_01 09-08-2008 10:39 AM

You can try using a more stronger wood defining texture with bump and specular mapping. Plus, insert Depth map or Raytrace shadows.

younglion 09-08-2008 11:48 AM

not bad but the,table has too many division on the top that are not necessary, and also bevel the edges of the table.

alexanderH 09-08-2008 05:07 PM

Your reference image has a piece of wood on the lower part, you've gone with glass. Not a bad choice however the assembly and mounting hardware used for glass is much different than the wood piece in the picture. If you want to get realism you'll want to add the details.
Example, what is holding the glass in place, how is it doing so? What are the parts involved made out of, and how big must they be to support it?

You seem to be off to a good start.

One other thing I might like to suggest is beveling or softening the edges. Even a wood table like that has softer edges than you might think. In Maya a box essentially has edges as sharp as a knife, for the exceptions of knives, there aren't many other things in the word as sharp and hard edged. Toss a small bevel on the edges, it will pay dividends in the renders too as the new faces will disperse light better.


Gen 09-08-2008 06:37 PM

Not a bad start, my first GI renders were pretty horrible lol. I agree with younglion, way too much geometry for something that simple, not a good habit to cultivate.

Why the scene doesn't look realistic.

As others have mentioned before, the edges are too sharp. The texture isn't believable, as a matter of fact I can't see a texture at all. As it is right now, it looks like one big piece of plastic and not pieces of wood joined together. Thats the thing with these modern/contemporary type bits of furniture is, they look real cool in realife because their beauty is in their simplicity unlike the antique pieces that tend to be more ornate and lavish, so we might underestimate the details that should go into these modern pieces/scenes for them to be believable.

I wouldn't go as far as to say you need a bump map in this case, but by looking at the ref I think you a slight reflection that is blurred. I don't think you need to have caustics turned on but you definitely need some shadows. if the lighting isn't good, it'll kill your image.

Venorm 11-08-2008 10:45 AM

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Okay i started new with less segments.

So now i think i have a problem beveling the edges.

I beveled the edge right with an offset of 0.04 and 3 segments to smooth it out.

But now i have the following problem: (light is an area light from the left)

I hope somebody can help me.

Gen 11-08-2008 01:21 PM

The image is really confusing, I don't get the problem.

alexanderH 11-08-2008 07:06 PM


Originally posted by GecT
The image is really confusing, I don't get the problem.

Venorm 12-08-2008 01:42 AM

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Okay again.

On the image i beveled the edge on the right. Now i have a shadow on the left side.

Here an other view. The red area is the shadow i don't want.

amoeba 12-08-2008 02:05 AM

Look like you got multiple vertexes on one place. Just merge the vertices (In the Polygon menu under "Edit mesh").

That should take care of the problem.
Oh, and delete the two edges that are on diagonals on the left of the leg. The merging of the vertices is for the back leg in the las pic you posted.

Venorm 12-08-2008 02:19 AM

If i merge these the problem still exists.

amoeba 12-08-2008 02:25 AM

Delete the 3 edges in the front that are diagonal.

Venorm 12-08-2008 02:47 AM

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Okay i deleted the 3 edges. (I wasn't sure which you mean so i deleted the first 3 edges. If i delete the first 2 edges and the bottom diagonal i get the same result...

here is what i get. the edge looks very ugly.

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