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trikeman 07-05-2007 07:10 AM

My account and mental ray
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I have two problems, the first one is1 I have a new emai address and I can't find out how I ge to my account to change it.

The second is, a couple of months ago I was doing a college course and my tutor helped me turn on mental Ray. This weekend, I had a computer failure and I had to do a reinstall.

I am sure my tutor went into the plug-ins manager, and turned something on, but I am not sure what. I know it was when we started to use Mental Ray, I have some textures in my scene which I made in Photoshop and we turned Mental Ray on to make them look better.

These textures are neither showing upin the normal view or when I render. I also had some glows which when I render show up right at the end but thwy are not at the moment.

I am going to include three pictures, one is a screen shot of my plug-ins manager, one is a picture of what I should be getting when the render has finished and the other is what I am getting at the moment.

I am sure I need to turn something on in the plug-ins manager and I know we were using Mental Ray but I donít know what I need to turn on, has anybody got any ideas?


Perfecto 07-05-2007 07:24 AM

I believe the Mental Ray plug in is:

Edit: If you click on AutoLoad, it should load automatically next time you open Maya. Click on Loaded to load it "now". You can also click both.

07-05-2007 08:30 AM

Re: My account and mental ray

Originally posted by trikeman

I have two problems, the first one is1 I have a new emai address and I can't find out how I ge to my account to change it.

Go to User Control Panel (right under the site navigation bar) and then go to Edit Profile.

trikeman 07-05-2007 10:22 AM


Thanks to you both, that was the mental ray and I did get to my account details.

I have also learned and impordant lesson, if you have textures in your project from somewhere like a PSD if you move the folders off the hard drive to do a reinstall you must put them back in the same place.

When I reloaded I put my project into another folder instead of the C and Maya could not link the files, then I moved it back to C and all was WELL

Just half a day lost tring to work out what was wrong. Thanks again all


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