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mr pix. 10-10-2007 08:04 AM

Walk cycle help?
Hey guys

i created this walk cycle

Im using this cycle to put in my animation. The character walks, comes to a stop then the blocking out stage comes into place.

I create a clip in the trax editor of the walk cycle, and posed my character after it finished and created a clip for it too. Then i merged the 2. This is the problem i get when merged.
Here is my result???

I dont want to scrap my walk cycle, and there must be a way round this. thanx guys

gster123 10-10-2007 08:29 AM

Looks good, but dude, chill on the number of posts for help.

I'm not too sure what your problem is??

mr pix. 10-10-2007 10:57 AM

soz, lol i jus figured the more sections i posted in the better chance id get a response. my bad

walk cycle, fine im reasonably happy so far
i want to make my walk translate problem.

however, after the walk has stopped, how do i animate my character after. im using the trax editor so i can create clips. if you look at the 2nd link, you will see what happens when he stops.

bendingiscool 10-10-2007 11:22 AM

I don't have much experience with the trax editor but can you not just keyframe in between the walk and the stand animations.


mr pix. 10-10-2007 11:29 AM

i MAY have figured it out. im working it now so il post soon.

When i my walk finished, i left a gap of about 10 frames to be able to blend into my next clip. Thats where i think the problem occured.

Im trying it now by keyframing straight after the walk clip...who post soon.

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