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Soulrider911 07-05-2009 06:11 PM

Hayabusa Jet Bike
THis is a school project I have been working on for a while, I used bits and pieces from the Jet speeder tutorial to do some of the engine modeling, but basically used images planes of a hayabusa, and just made random elemts to give the engine a bit more complexity.

Hayabusa Turn Table


CGWolfgang 07-05-2009 08:45 PM

First things first...Awesome Job! Its a wonderful model and I love the texturing you've done with it. It's also neat to see how you've adapted the concepts in one of the tutorials into your own work. :bow:

The only area that seems to have a little trouble is the handlebars/dashboard area. The handlebars seem a little less detailed than the rest of the model. Maybe adding a little more detail to the handlebars like handguards/ handbrakes or a starter switch/ignition system? As far as the dashboard it seems like it would be more in-keeping with the futuristic look if it had a digital dash instead of a more classic analog dash.

Anyway that's just my two cents. Keep up the great work!

Soulrider911 07-05-2009 09:04 PM

dude great idea i had not thought of that...Yes I agree entirely with your critique...I plan on making those changes but probably not until this semester is over... this project has killed me and Im out of energy for it currently, but yes the dash and bars need some love. THanks for the kind words.:beer:

joshmanlegoman 08-05-2009 02:49 AM

What sort of gas are you running this thing off of?
( noticed the gas tank ).

And what are you steering? :confused:

But looks very Cool :beer: cheers

arran 08-05-2009 07:31 PM

nice job - i like this a lot. aside form the other comments - the textures look a bit too low res. i also think the jet sticker could be a touch smaller and i think it needs something to make it pop.

i really like what you've done so far. :)

Soulrider911 10-05-2009 04:43 AM

Thanks for the input,,,Yea as far as the low res texturing is that just a matter of importing, or exporing or both... a higher res uv screenshot?

Soulrider911 10-05-2009 10:49 PM

I have a question I have been trying to get an answer for...say I creat a a lanbert for example bright pink(my favorite) and I want that shader to loaded in maya with the other default do I go about that? thanks

Gen 11-05-2009 04:58 AM

You can just make a preset instead.

Soulrider911 11-05-2009 10:43 PM

would you mind elaborating? thanks

Gen 12-05-2009 04:45 AM

You can save presets for materials, lights, cameras and all that other good stuff. You can take this route or export the shader, put it in a folder that will be your shader library, get back in Hypershade, up at the top where it says Tabs, make a new one, name it, select tab type to be 'disk' and point it to your shader library, now you can add and grab different shaders as you wish.

Soulrider911 15-05-2009 05:31 PM

So after I save the shader out as a preset where does it go??? when open maya back up its no where to be found? thanks for the help

Soulrider911 15-05-2009 05:32 PM

Here is the final animation, I know I gotta go back in a create more hi res textures just havent had the time.

Gen 15-05-2009 06:22 PM

Ha not bad :beer: If you hit that very same preset button on any shader of that kind it should be there unless your preferences aren't being saved and that I can't help you with as I've never had that issue but I've seen it around the boards.

Malcolmi 12-10-2020 10:37 PM

To the creator of the Hayabusa Jet bike
3 Attachment(s)
Out of respect. I saw your rendering and did my best to make a real bike like your thoughts. Here you go. I couldn't get a jet engine so I turbo'd it 420HP.
Attachment 58062

Attachment 58063

Attachment 58064If you can contact me, which is ok with me, I will send your severval Hi-res for your portfolio. Malcolm

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