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djidji 23-10-2021 03:29 PM

Batch Command to Snap pivot to 0,0,0
Hello everyone,

I have a situation that root bone pivots on different poses are all at slightly different position and I need them be at 0,0,0, grid center.
Each pose is separate fbx file, and each is the same skeleton hierarchy, names... SO basically what I was doing is selecting root bone, go to edit pivot mode ( D), snap it to grid center, export, and then do it all over again.
Since there's a lot of files and I have to do literally the same sequence of clicks on each I realized automating everything is the way...
However, being a scripting noob I found it difficult to do the thing.

I was echoing all commands in script editor and I managed to figure out basic how to select the root bone by name ( same name in each file), snap it to grid center and overwrite the original file with export selected command.
Where I fail is to automate edit pivot mode and batch processing everything in the end.
Also while reading I learned that writing the script in python woud be better, but that's something I cannot do with my limited coding knowledge.

So, if anyone can help by pointing me to right direction I'd appreciate that.
Thanks in advance,


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