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ckyuk 18-04-2021 11:37 AM

Not sure where the correct place to ask this is, but as someone who used to play around in Alias Maya 4.5 as a teenager almost 20 years ago I've wondered back to SimplyMaya out of curiousity of how active it still is here. After having a look around and giving myself a chuckle checking out my aweful w.i.p.s from back in the day (was very suprised to still find images hosted from two decades ago) I've got the urge to have a play again. However at £250 a month these days Maya is out of the question.

But I seem to remember SimplyMaya brached out into SimplyLightwave and then Simply3dWorld (can't seem to find it anymore)? So the question is whether the business is still Limited to Maya and Lightwave or are there other sister sites out there I'm missing for more accessible software such as Blender?

I know there are plently of other communities out there for what I'm looking for, just wondered if the guys here are linked to any?

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