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casko 09-01-2009 07:27 AM

First model (wip)
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Hello everybody, hows goin, i started watching some tutorials last week and i wanted to share with you guys this "person" that im tryin to make.

The world of 3d is amazing, i dont know where to start, there r so many things, modeling, texturing, rendering, and a lot of info out on the net.

So i supose that the first thing i gotta learn is modeling, so i tryied to make this person, i dont know how's called the technique i used, because i have seen there r SO many ways to model... i just started with a plane and then extruded tons of times, it took me like a day lol

So, the face i did watching a tutorial, but the mouth, eyes and ear, i just improvised, so i know that those are the worst parts and that the topology of those suck.

I wanna get tips, suggestions or comments about what i did, and what i gotta do to improve, i also textured the model in zbrush with zapplink, because when i tryied to make the uv i couldnt get the uv layout in one piece (at least it was a clean uv i think)

So what i gotta do next? how can i make this model better? what about the topology of the model?

Thanks everyone for reading

honestdom 10-01-2009 11:31 AM

Its really good for a first go, I'm not the best person to comment as i have a head wip on here at the moment. my head modeling is limited to one so far.
The topology you have is almost there. I think you need more edge loops around the eye area. these will give you more detail in those ares. also i think your eyeballs are tiny! they would just fall out of the head. generally you should have an open socket. it looks like you have geometry behind the eyeball. Likewise with the mouth, it may look ok but you need to think about how this would animate -should you ever use this to learn animation- a mouth that cant open wouldn't be much good. Generally people model mouths in radials. by that i mean ovals that get smaller and smaller towards the lips.

check out jays topology thread it should help you out a lot.

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