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Ruwenzori 13-03-2016 03:31 PM

Maya 2016 doesn't import scenes properly
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I'm new to Maya and started taking online courses on, but when i tried to import a scene as an exercise file, noticed that some textures were missing; and the problem kept occuring with other scenes as well. Then did cleans installs of both Windows and Maya, downloaded the compatible version of Mental Ray with Maya SP5 but still getting the exact same error and deformed scenes.

This is one of the scenes I'm supposed to work on,

it should like like it is on the picture above, but i'm getting the one in below.

I also attached the script editor report, if anyone can help with this I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance.

Gen 13-03-2016 08:38 PM

On your keyboard press the '6' key, this tells the 3D view to show textures. I didn't see anything about Maya not being able to find the texture so I won't get into that. Just make sure you're using the latest service packs for both Maya and Mental Ray.

Ruwenzori 14-03-2016 04:15 PM

Problem solved!(if you even consider it as a problem in the first place) turns out that it's always been me being a noob. i've been trying to open files without setting a project and poor maya was looking for textures elsewhere since the beginning :D

it's still very easy to face this issue though, if you're a beginner and too careless or impatient to start over your courses.

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