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EagleKing 29-08-2003 03:59 PM

I got a better idea. You set up the rules. I don't care about any rules.

So...start a new thread and lets start. :)

M 05-09-2003 05:44 AM

hey 3d gurl and eagleking.. i'd love to see this battle happen :). Just post down the full ammount of information, including the rules and i will start up the thread for you two. I may not see it for a day or 2.. so if you want to start right away then make sure you add a poll to the challenge. Add one more day onto how long you want for voting purposes and have a great battle!

3dgurl 10-09-2003 03:53 AM

oi i may have to hold off lol i just got tons of work rained upon my poor lil head =P

hopefully sometime soon we can have this challenge though =P.

EagleKing 10-09-2003 10:28 AM

ok awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :P

orgeeizm 01-10-2003 01:57 PM

Hmm. No more challenges happening?

Alan 29-01-2004 12:24 PM

hmmm I haven't ever done a battle... might be time for me to dip my oar in. Any takers?

fredriksson 29-01-2004 02:28 PM

Come up with something good and I'll take you on, big boy.

Pony 30-01-2004 02:12 AM

I'm up for it Pure. that is after you and fredriksson, if your still up for it.

Alan 30-01-2004 09:53 AM

emmm ok y not all three of us? a menage a trois if you will ;)

Pony 30-01-2004 10:38 AM

we can all three get down with it. I'm game. Except I wander what the subject will be. I would suggest something but Iím looking for a fresh perspective. Iíll let you 2 come up with the idea. Also, are we just modeling or texturing?

Alan 30-01-2004 11:07 AM

see how far we get i guess, nothing character based as I suck at characters ;) I know it's boring but I would like to do something from starwars.... I really wanna do a sandcrawler :)

Pony 30-01-2004 11:46 AM

sandcrawler sounds good. Do you have some blueprints for one ? I was thinking it would be fun to use the same ref. Maybe its about time we get our own thread. If you think so, go ahead and start one.

3Demon 15-02-2004 05:38 AM

I'm up for a battle if anyone wants to. I don't mind the subject, organic or inorganic. Need something to up my skills and this would be a really good idea :D

Clod 16-03-2004 04:39 PM

Battle Requst

To : Anyone interested, like the sandcrawler challenge, open to more than one opponent.
Topic : David vs. Goliath type scene. One big dude, one small, don't have to be human or even humanoid. No limits on weapons/armour if desired.
Modeling : Whatever
Texturing : Optional, as big and as many as necessary.
Time Limit: 4 weeks? More?
Extra: Show progress and wire frames.

I'd like to create a powerful scene with lots of atmosphere and have the viewer thinking "Jesus!, what's gonna happen next???", because one guy looks like he doesn't have a chance (maybe he doesn't :p).
You can create an environment for the battle too if you like.

At the end, show 2 renders of the two characters/creatures/whatever squaring off ABOUT to do battle.

I really want to do this type of scene but more than likely
I'll pack it in if it's not part of some challenge.:rolleyes:

Clod 18-03-2004 09:58 AM

No challengers, looks like I'll be doing this on my own so:).

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