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Tristanartform 25-11-2007 12:39 AM

CTRL + S won't work
all of a sudden the hot key (CTRL + S) won't work. All other hot key commands seem to work fine. What to do?

I'm ignorant (and somewhat new, still). Please help.

Thank you. Tristan

Mayaniac 25-11-2007 02:04 AM

Well, when you first siad that the shortcut key wasn't working, my instant thought was "Make sure that Cpas lock isn't on" but when you said all other shortcuts were working, i knew it was something else...

When you got go to file>> Save as, right next to it should be a sequence of letters (the shortcut) this one should say Ctrl+S. If it doesn't say this then you'll probably find the shortcut has been disabled for this command.

So to fix this go to: Window>> Settings/Prefs>> Hotkey editor.

Now in this window on the right hand side you should see a small area called "Assign new Hotkey" in this area type 'S' in the key menu, and check the 'Ctrl' option.... then click 'Query' if this Hotkey command is still active for save as it will tell you...

"Ctrl+S is asigned to 'Save scene from file'"

If it is no longer assigned to save as then we know what the problem is.... to fix this simply use the Catagories menu on the left hand side of the Hotkey editor, and select file... then in the commands menu select save scene as.

Well if this is not the problem, i'm sure someone else will post with another solution, and watch it be a really simple one :headbang:

Well lets us know if this doesn't help.

Tristanartform 25-11-2007 11:19 AM

Hi, and thanks very much for the fast reply and generous help.

Unfortunately I must report that that apparantly isn't the problem. I had checked with the hotkey editor prior to posting, but I followed your instructions just to double check, and the editor states that the save hotkey combo is still active. It just won't work for some reason.

If anyone else has any thoughts I would be grateful to hear them.


Tristanartform 26-11-2007 12:37 PM

OK, new strange wrinkle. The hotkey for save scene works once and once only -- the first time I use it after starting up Maya. After this first hotkey save (CTRL + s) it doesn'r work -- though scrolling down from "file" at the top of the screen and clicking "save Scene" works fine, just not the hotkey.



leo76 23-05-2013 11:08 AM

The point more was that it wasn't clear whether he stayed with the company for another 10 years or if you'd missed a typo during editing.

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