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AverageRigger 20-11-2020 03:37 PM

Assign Cached MASH spheres sperate shaders to
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I am currently working on a project where spheres created from MASH are bouncing around. Each sphere has it's own shader. I want to bake the animation and have a performance friendly animated mesh i can reassign shaders to each sphere. I tried alembic cache but i lose object ID afterwards. It seems to be such a simple task but i can't put my head around it :banghead:

Could someone run me through a viable process? :help:

Thanks in advance!

AverageRigger 20-11-2020 04:38 PM

Hello again,
If anyone needs the same answer:

Okay the easy fix here is to check
-UV write
-Write Color Sets
-Write Face Sets
-Write UV Sets
in the alembic export Options
Then when reimporting the alembic mesh the connection to the shaders is still active. So i can edit shaders on the spheres even in alembic!

Thanks me!

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