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Malus Lupus 14-09-2016 04:01 PM

Trying to delete an object completely.
I am coming in from modo. I have to learn Maya to even have a chance at any jobs totes newb and today I opened the student version decided to just see what all the things do. I did some extrusions on a cube (typical testing stuff). Tried a bevel got Warning: Encountered a non-manifold vertex. Cannot Bevel. Was like okay and exited the bevel menu was not concerned with it. Then I decided to delete everything. It was only a cube with a few extrusions well it left a face behind with Warning: Encountered a non-manifold vertex. Cannot Bevel. Okay that has nothing to do with deleting a whole object. I mean with modo I can just hit the delete key and it works fine but here nope. I was able to delete a vertice made it into a triangle lol, then I extruded it tried to delete it and a new face stayed behind, tried to delete face one at a time and whatever the last face is I try to delete it stays with the warning popping up.

Truly a disastrous start for a newb but any tutorial that exist mostly exist behind a pay wall. So I have brought my bad grammar, and problem to you. I know I am quite an ignoramus to not be able to make it beyond this but hey you have to learn the beast to do anything in the job world. As stated above by newb I do not know where much is just checking everything one at a time.

Why are the simplest things to do in other programs so complex here (modo bevel drag and done, maya bevel and a menu pops up, which leads to errors for no apparent reason, modo delete cube hit the delete key, maya errors.)?

Thanks in advance and I do apologize for me being here going what, huh, all the time because that is what will come for the next 3 years of training.

Update: Delete all by history no worky now I have no attributes in the editor. Pretty sure that was not a good thing.

Malus Lupus 14-09-2016 04:49 PM

A video if you need it.
Different try with different error or what not.

Anyways it is Maya vs Modo sorta thing.

toddster 15-09-2016 08:39 AM

Hi Malus,
Right click over the remaining plane - Object Mode - then press delete.

Don't give up!

Malus Lupus 19-09-2016 02:28 PM

That is just odd. Is there anything else as finicky as this?

I mean it is a good idea to warn me, that this does not work as simply as it does in modo.

Also if I may ask with maya student. Pretty much everything I do in maya is restricted to maya and nothing else since it is the student version correct?

(Apparently ask in a very bizarre fashion.)

Also my experience in maya student is as good as my experience in maya, correct?

Since I am going on a training adventure for a job and such I want to make sure.

Thanks for your help.

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