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the_brein 31-12-2006 11:14 AM

a couple questions
1. i executed a script in script editor that fixes the extrude bug in maya 8. it worked for me but every time i start a new project, i have to reload the script. is there a way around this?

2. is there a way to reset the icons for the different views that are located to the left and just under the manipulating tools? i was messing around with them one day and created a bunch of stupid configurations. is there some sort of reset option?

3. anyone know of a link or guide that outlines the new arrangements of tools in maya 8? where were they before and where are they now.

any help would be appreciated.

enhzflep 31-12-2006 11:42 AM

For the first question, just select all the text in the script editor then drag it up to the shelf using the middle mouse button. Presto! - a new button.

Couldn't find any info on a reset option for the panel layouts though. Guess it's a matter of deleting all the layouts and recreating from scratch, unless nuking your prefs directory will reset everything to defaults.

EDIT: Was just looking through the help, "Quick layout buttons" tells you which mouse buttons do what when over the panel icons. There's even a picture of the default setup there so you can put it all back together. But still no joy with the reset option..

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