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Nilla 10-09-2014 10:36 PM

New SimplyMaya tutorial series: Interiors and Furniture

This tutorial focuses on teaching a variety of techniques to create furniture and interior architectural elements. Our aim is not to teach you how to create one room or one piece of furniture, but it's to enable you to create any style of room.

Volume 1 & 2 covering the modeling and cloth simulations are out now, and will be followed shortly by UV layout in Headus, and texturing, lighting and rendering in both VRay and Mental Ray.

Renders of some of the models created in this tutorial:

Introduction video to the project below:

Intro to our Interiors and Furniture Vol 1 & 2 - Modeling & Cloth tutorial - YouTube

Get the tutorial here:
Interiors and Furniture Vol 1 & 2 - Modeling & Cloth

Gen 10-09-2014 11:13 PM

That looks pretty solid. I'm taking it a shading release is in the pipes? :D

David 10-09-2014 11:37 PM

Thanks :)

Vray, mental ray and maxell should be out quite soon. I'll try and get some 4k renders out when it's all done, I'll be using that backburner script you did for the mr shot ;) Probably even include it with the tutorial if thats ok with you. I was meaning to ask.


BeAstMaSter 11-09-2014 12:41 AM

was sent a message about this, it's perfect! for what I do
go ahead and admit it, you made this with me in mind :D

Many Thanks! to all involved, this will definitely clear up a few issues I've had in past
now all I have to do is figure out what the heck Marvelous Designer is ...
been away too long LOL

Question : .... still running Maya 2012 here, will it still work?
and is Maya 2015 new features good enough reason for me to upgrade ??

TIA :)

David 11-09-2014 01:17 AM

LOL i did actually think of you as it happens ;) I remember your furniture the real life stuff very cool.

You can skip the marvelous designer it's just for the cloth. As to Maya 2015 for you i doubt it would be worth splashing the cash, some very cool dynamics bits have been added and some work has been done on the modeling tools but not a lot you can't duplicate with plugins for the modeling tools.

This tutorial will work just fine on Maya 2012 I do use the mesh reduce command which i don't think is in maya 2012 but this can be replicated with meshlab (which is free) or zbrush and in a pinch can be skipped altogether.

Gen 11-09-2014 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by David (Post 356064)
Thanks :)

Vray, mental ray and maxell should be out quite soon. I'll try and get some 4k renders out when it's all done, I'll be using that backburner script you did for the mr shot ;) Probably even include it with the tutorial if thats ok with you. I was meaning to ask.


Sure, include away :happy:. If there are any issues, shoot me a line!

BeAstMaSter 11-09-2014 01:45 AM

I knew I made an impression :D
Thanks for the reply David, good to know I can keep 2012 as I've got it tweaked to my liking and there's no bugs with it .....
Checked out Marvelous Designer, agree it's too much for what I need and do
Will go have a look at meshlab and snatch it up for this.

Got my new wood shop all set up and equipped, still want to build that computer table,
just have to tear myself away from the lathe and the bowls/platters/earrings/bottle stoppers ........ LOL
Got an "award" for one of my turnings, so kinda hard to quit now ;)
Using Maya to create some vessels/bowls, gonna be back with questions about projecting images/textures, and more UV mapping soon ;)

David 11-09-2014 02:01 AM

I wish i could do more woodwork but i'm living in an apartment at the moment :( I built a simple dining room table and a couple of simple benches a few months back but i can't really tackle anything that needs power tools.

I'll be adding a UV tutorial soon but it will be in hedus I hate uv mapping in Maya! Watch the tutorial when it comes out next week and i'll guarantee if you're frustrated with UV'ing in Maya hedus will be the best $200 bux you ever spent.

BTW the mesh reduce command is only used to turn complex cloth objects into low poly models, so if you're skipping the cloth no need for meshlab. I really only use the mesh reduce or meshlab to turn complex models into low poly for use in simulations.

This tutorial might be a bit basic for you i tried to keep it at a level where everyone could follow along. I really wanted to create something that was both easy enough to follow but ended up with quality result, not the easiest thing to pull of. Still hopefully you'll pick up a few things :)

All the best

BeAstMaSter 11-09-2014 02:27 AM

I was actually getting along Ok with UV editing, was kinda fun
but having looked at hedus, that'll work better for my current ambitions with less headaches.
Thanks for the referral, have site bookmarked, definitely a package worth the price
and will get this week ;)

basic is good for me, even better, there be times I'm stubborn and can't do the simplest of things (too much multi tasking LOL )

David 14-09-2014 02:02 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Quick artsy shot from the UV tutorial in headus uvlayout which I'm just about to finish.

Materials, lighting and rendering out next week the uv tutorial will be up in the next couple of days.


David 14-09-2014 02:03 AM

1 Attachment(s)
and here is another not so artsy :)

I cover quite a bit in the tutorial i even threw in the uv mapping of a hand to get people used to the uvlayout software and just to show how easy it is to do organics in uvlayout, I then of course move on to the stuff in the room.

I try and cover the seam vs stretch and pinch and why i prefer seams in hard surface and stretch in organics, things like that, of course you'd rather have neither but uv mapping is often a compromise... I love to say i made it fun, i tried... but it is uvlayout at the end of the day :)

I would say even if you never buy the tutorial and your reading this go get a copy of the trial version of uvlayout fantastic bit of kit used in a lot of large studios.


BeAstMaSter 14-09-2014 07:26 PM

that handle looks really cool ! :)
grabbed headus last week, patiently waiting for that tut
luckily I've got other projects going to keep me occupied else I'd be pestering you LMAO :D

MrYeti 15-09-2014 10:16 PM

I love the look of this! I've already downloaded the vids to start watching.

How do you go about showing the wireframe on the models in the fly through in the video? It looks like a really cool way to show off finished models but I've always had trouble trying to display smooth objects without a very dense mesh.

David 15-09-2014 11:30 PM

it's a cheat of sorts the wire is shown form viewport 2 so you're seeing the viewport smoothing, hence the less dense mesh.

I create a new layer with all the objects in then i make everything including the background black (alt +b) then i do one playblast with the master layer the shaded models then i do one playblast with the second layer set to wireframe on shaded with every model shaded black. This one i can overlay the wire on top of the first playblast (or render works with both) it's a very quick way to get a wire overlay.

Hope that makes sense if not i'll be happy to do a short vid.

Juanpax 16-09-2014 01:24 AM

This is going to be one of the best if not the best tutorial for Simply Maya no offense to anybody. Rendering is always hard and requires a lot of technical understanding but its a lot of fun. I have seen other tutorials from you and the way you explain things is straight to the point and easy to follow. I'm definitely getting my hands in to this one and as i always say thanks for sharing what you know, you guys are awesome!!!!

Take care.:beer:

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