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Joyker 27-07-2019 01:09 PM

[SOLVED] UV and textures messing up 3D - Alpha channel

Since I mapped my object with UV and textures, some faces are rendered in front of other faces wich are in reality in front of them.

Hard to explain, pictures are worth 1000 words :

How can I do to set UV in right place ?

And if someone knows why there are some dark shadows ?

I don't know what's going on and how to explain.

Joyker 12-08-2019 01:27 PM

I have finally solved my problem.

The problem is that when you use a texture with an alpha channel (transparency), maya does its own channel wich is wrong.

To solve this :
  1. Open Hypershade window. By clicking
    See Open Hypershade Window from official maya's documentation for more informations.
  2. Right click on your material and drag to "Graph Network".
  3. In the Graph Network, unpin "Out Alpha" to "Transparency" connection by dragging it in the void.

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