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Kaydray 01-07-2004 09:08 PM

A few newbie questions re: animation basics
I'm trying (and mostly failing) to do some basic animation i've got a few questions.

1. i'm doing a basic skeleton, so i've got a hip, knee, and ankle joint. i created an IK handle from the hip to the ankle- how can i now rotate the knee (on the z and x axes i suppose) without it all collapsing?

2. my skin weights tool is really that just always how it is or could i be doing something wrong?

3. mmmm i forgot the last question so i'll have to come back another time.

sorry if they're stupid questions (yes, yes, i know there is no such thing), but what kind of newbie would i be if they weren't?

mtmckinley 01-07-2004 09:29 PM

1. place a locator or something in front of the knee. Select the locator, shift select the IK handle. Use Constraints > Pole Vector Constraint. Moving the locator will now move the knee orientation.

2. how much ram do you have? processor speed?

Kaydray 06-07-2004 06:09 PM

1. thanks for the knee help!
2. 523,704 KB RAM; pentium 4 1.60GHz

and another question....
Do you know of an MD3 export plugin for Maya 6? i've found one for Maya 5.0, but no luck w/ 6.0

Kaydray 08-07-2004 09:13 PM

Ok, forget md3 export for 6.0.

Instead- does anyone have any tips on exporting md3 files from Maya? (I'm now using maya 5.0)

I've baked the animation to the polymesh (or vertices, I suppose), triangulated the model, won't export, and I'm not sure what else to do.

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