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arran 07-01-2007 12:17 AM

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Hey - excellent idea for a thread Jay - lots of useful info so far.

:beer: :beer:

I thought I might post this low poly zombie which I have been working on for the last week. the ears haven't been attached yet.

it would be good to hear any advice for working on game characters as well.

DJbLAZER 07-01-2007 01:03 AM


Originally posted by Jay

DJ: As you can see four sided (possible from NGons causing the patches)

I see that it's dividing the four sided sometimes yes... but I wonder why... that's just making it less clean to look at. But what do you mean with "possible from NGons casuing the patches"? An NGon usually means a polygon with more than 4 sides and as far I can see this model has only four sided polys.

publicFunction 07-01-2007 01:44 AM


Originally posted by arran
it would be good to hear any advice for working on game characters as well.
Mike would be the best man for that, but from what I learned on my 8 monh stint on an Indie Project, was if a texture can do the job don't model it. The eyes for example can be part of a facial texture, so there is little need to go into mass detail on the face, save the poly count for something else.

If you have Steam and own HL2 get the SDK and have a look at some of the models (7,000+ polycounts), the textures are great and if you have XSI you can import them for a more detailed look. Modelling for games is all about limitation and your budget. How many polys we can spend on each main character? How many polys we can spend oneach secondary character? How many polys the engine will allow on screen at anyone time? the list is endless. But hey thats why Art Directors get paid the big bucks :p

Jay 07-01-2007 09:56 AM


Go back to page 1 of the thread (I think) you'll see a layout of polys I did for this thread, N Gons are there...

Vlad: thanks for posting that up, I have that too, I believe Stahlberg had his 'fingers in the pie' on that one, in fact yes it mentions it at the bottom of the image. Its a good image to use. I started out looking at that and stuff by Bay Raitt (The Edge Loop Master) and just worked my own theory from the two.

Arran: Great stuff, we should mix the thread up with Game and Hi res meshes, Im sure people would apprecaite it here. And yeah lets give Mike a shout



arran 07-01-2007 10:07 PM

thanks for the tips R@nSiD.:beer:

Yeah, Ive got HL2 and have been meaning to download the sdk. I don't have XSI, but I remember that some guy had imported a half life model into maya a while back...

It'd be good to see some other low poly models in this thread.

marlonjohn 08-01-2007 09:46 AM

Sorry bout the late reply, had to format computer and reinstall everything :S what a hassel, luckily i backed up my maya things ;)

Thanks jay, appreicate it ;) this will help me alot for when i start to model lower res models. especially this topology i like even more, soo smooth and clean lol.

hey R@nSiD, are you telling me there is a way to see HL2 models? how awesome! where abouts can i get sdk...


arran 08-01-2007 04:05 PM

I just happened to be looking in to it a minute ago. It's still a bit beyond me, but I might give it a go this weekend.

Jay 09-01-2007 08:02 AM

Hey Guys

Nice SDK stuff but a little off topic, try not to let it spiral...


arran 11-01-2007 10:51 AM

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ok - let's see your palms!

just wondering how you resolve the underside of the hand - this is a picture of my palm from the current challenge - keep in mind i haven't really done too much to it yet, but I am just curious to see how others have handled the same area.

Jay 11-01-2007 11:50 AM

All the best with it Arran


arran 11-01-2007 11:53 AM

cool! cheers Jay! :beer:

DJbLAZER 11-01-2007 12:04 PM

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And here's a low poly hand I did a while back ago.

publicFunction 11-01-2007 12:13 PM


Much love to you. I don't think you really know how much this sticky is helping.

Thanks a lot from everyone...

Jay 11-01-2007 01:10 PM


thank you, it's not a problem.. have fun with it all,


99GsTurbo 11-01-2007 01:48 PM

nice hand jay lol

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