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Papriko 20-09-2011 06:24 PM

Issue with extracted polygon
Hey guys,

i'm new, and i have a question, maybe someone could answer me, please.

i'm working on a polygon hand model,

so i extruded one finger from the base (hand-palm) then extracted it to duplicate it for the other fingers.

The issue i'm having, is that the extracted polygon (the finger) when rotating it, is deformed, like being scaled. Then i rotated the hand, same thing??.

It's a very low-poly hand I'm modeling, because the character I'm working on will be seen from some distance, Ive been modeling for some time now in Maya, and had this issue once i think with another model, and it seems like it happens on 3D Max too, but i'd like to understand why i'm having this, and how to solve it, and i couldn't find any reference for this on the internet, is it common?

I've tried to delete the history and duplicate it again, also tried to import it to another scene or freezed the transformations, i had the same "scaled-deformed" model when rotating.

what could be the problem?

can anyone help me with that, :help:

thanx in advance. :)

ctbram 20-09-2011 07:02 PM

Okay in maya since as far back as I can recall when you extract geometry it puts that extracted geometry into a group. If that object prior to extraction had transform history then the group will.

So after extracting the geometry, ungroup it and then delete history on the ungrouped geometry. The double translation errors should go away once you have individual ungrouped geo with no history attached.

simplycreative03 20-09-2011 08:38 PM

Indeed and you can do this in the outliner itself. Ungroup mesh from the transform node group and then delete the history as ctbram says.

Papriko 20-09-2011 08:57 PM

Thx guys for the quick replies,

will try it right away :running:

Papriko 20-09-2011 09:10 PM

It worked! thx again guys! that was really helpful

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