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mmoore5553 29-05-2006 01:02 PM

maya 6.5 opening maya 7 files
i have maya 7 and i have files i have created and want to show him . Is there any way at all ? i know if it is like normal software you cant go backwards compatable . Just wondering if maya is the same way . sorry if stupid question.

Coldfire 30-05-2006 12:06 AM

I think Maya 6.5 can open Maya 7 files, not entirely sure though.

But, are you using Maya 7, or Maya 7 PLE? Cause if you are using the PLE, then you wont be able to open normal Maya files.

pbman 30-05-2006 12:25 PM

it an but u have to edit the file - its really easy though

in maya 7 save the files in asci format .ma instead of binary .mb

ok now open this in something like wordpad or note pad but wordpad isbetter as it breaks the lines

now in the first few lines where it says maya 7.0 change to maya 6.0 (6.0 as 6.5 will open these files) it may say requires maya X.X but change to 6.0 and save it

then open in maya 6.5 and it should work fine

if u get stuck ask for more help here

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