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lookdev 13-01-2017 05:40 PM

render only visible part of an object Arnold Maya 2017
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imagine a fountain, there is the fountain body, and water coming out and flowing down.
I have water mesh in RealFlow, imported in Maya
Assuming I have to render the fountain in E-on vue and the water in Maya2017 (Arnold),
What shader should I apply to the fountain in Maya so when I render the water alone, I only see the visible parts of water in the scene, and not the whole mesh I got from realflow?

I tried "background shader" to the fountain, didn't work.
Please see in attachment the view port, and the incorrect render

What shader do I have to apply to the 4 fountains (kind of fountains) to block the water mesh part they are supposed to hide in the render?

Thank you

Gen 13-01-2017 07:35 PM

There's a "Matte" section listed on the top of Arnold shader's attributes that allow for this. However, any object using that shader will still be visible in reflections/refractions etc. The "Matte" option in the Arnold subsection of the object's shape tab does the same thing except of course on a per object basis. There is also a "visible in glossy" checkbox to omit the object from reflections/refractions.

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