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Ouran 29-05-2017 10:21 AM

Render is wrong in Orthographic cam
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I have an issue when rendering xgen hair in Arnold. I'm using the same AlHair shader on all strands.

In perspective view, all strands correctly.

In any non perspective camera, the strands are rendered wrong. If I take a non perspective camera that renders wrong, and change its Camera Type to perspective in the Camera Attribute's Arnold tab, it renders correctly. If I switch it back to orthographic it renders wrong again.

Could you help me with this issue? I need to render those strands in an orthographic camera.

David 30-05-2017 01:56 AM

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It's a lighting issue i believe. See the shots below, as you can see it's the same thing you're getting. It's not an error adjust your lighting to get the look your going for in the orthographic view.

How much highlight you get on hair will depend on the light angle, this angle will change as you move the camera

Adjust your light source/s see images below. First 2 are with the light in the same place as you can see i've replicated the issue your having. Last image is after i changed the direction of the light source

Hope it helps

Ouran 30-05-2017 07:04 PM

Thanks for taking the time to do these tests David!

I've conducted the following test: creating a perspective cam that matches the orthographic cam almost 1:1 by playing with focal length etc. The result is: the perspective cam renders completely differently from the ortho cam even through they're framing exactly the same thing.

Therefore, I think it disproves this issue being created by the lights. What do you think ?

I guess I solved my problem by replicating the ortho cam's results with a perspective cam but I'm still curious why would the two cameras render completely different results...

David 30-05-2017 08:19 PM

Well that's weird to my knowledge that should not happen, i'm glad you got the result you where after in the end.

I'll have a play with xgen and see if i can get it to do the same thing i'd be interested to know why it's happening.

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