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Chewy 17-01-2005 05:25 PM

problem/error opening files from the game artits guide to maya
ive finished reading through the book to get the just of what ill be getting up to... i copied the folder of the sword etc over to my HD and when i go to open the scene of the start of the sword it tells me there is an error

// Warning: Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss.
Please check the Script Editor for details. //
// Error: Error reading file. //

do i have to be running maya 6 in order to use the tut etc seeing im using 5.0.1?

mtmckinley 17-01-2005 05:36 PM

Yes, it is a Maya 6 file and they aren't backwards compatible. The CD does have Maya 6 PLE you can use when viewing the files. You don't have to uninstall Maya 5 to use it.

Chewy 17-01-2005 05:41 PM

alrite cheers mike... :D


by the way i forgot to say the book is pretty good. I think the book and the tuts on simplymaya work together very well. i think i would slightly find it hard to go straight from the book to maya but seeing i havent ive watched plenty of tuts on here and got a basic knowledge etc i can see easily get to work and play about with the stuff from the book :D

i did send amazon a quick review but i dont think they have put it up yet. GrrRRr

mtmckinley 17-01-2005 06:53 PM

Well, I wouldn't call the book a beginner's book. It's more in gear with a 2nd book... like, you read a beginner's book and learn how to use Maya and then my book is for learning how to do game art with Maya.

Chewy 17-01-2005 07:10 PM

well yeah i guess so :P

azimuth 28-01-2005 04:55 PM

/bump :p

I realise Chewy has solved his problem but since I have a slight variation I thought it would be a waste to make a new thread about it.

I have managed to get a copy of Maya 6 Unlimited off my boss in work and I get the exact same problem.

Do the files need to have certain sub version of Maya 6?

So far it has been ok since I just copied the image files off the CD and made my own image planes for guides. Although I would really like to see Mike's own version of the models which currently fail to open.

If all else fails, and if he sees this, could Mike post up the accurate dimensions of the image planes he worked off. I think my character images are scaled roughly right, but not great.


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