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howdy-mr. 29-06-2005 12:43 AM

Water Fluids and explosion collision

I am doing a project that needs to get done fast.

I have gone through a couple tutorials, but they produced poor results, or I don't have the time for trial and error to alter it to my needs.

Ok, this is for a logo animation. Let me explain the entire animation:

Absolutely everything is quite and still. Suddenely some lights flare up (like something is about to explode) tinted and refracted by greenish blue water.
Then the explosion occurs, and rushes toward the camera.
As it is coming, a faint outline of the logo text is revealed, being shoved forward (at the camera) quickly. The explosion has surrounded the faint outline of the logo, and suddenly the explosion comes out of the water (the camera has been floating just above the water line) and water splashes up to the camera, with a explosion quickly behind it, filling the screen. Everything dissapears, the water is rippling behind the logo now floating above the water. Everything fades...

ok, obviously I can lower the Num Freq. on the water, lower max wave, change color, and lower transparency. I can keyframe the increase of waves and ripples for when the logo pops out.

I can do some sort of flare for the flash of light (a little help on this too)

I can steal the fire shader, and apply it to a animated NURBS curve with an emmiter.

But how does the explosion collide with the logo, so it 'blasts' around it?

When the logo comes out of the water with the explosion, how do I get the water to explode out of the water. I tried making it float or telling it to be a boat, but it would only float to the top, not actually effect the water. I saw something about making it emit a particle when the logo hit the water, but it would seem Maya would have good splash tools.

Then when the logo is out of the water, how do I make it look wet and dripping? (this is not neccesary, only a good eye candy). I know I can do the end fade with After Effects.

I really need to get this done fast. Please don't tell me to go to a tutorial (unless it really addresses the issue, not just close to it, so I have to alter it a bunch).

It would be really helpful if someone gave me step by step instructions, but that would be time consuming. I have a MSN, if you want to talk to me there. Please help.

Anm8or 29-06-2005 04:42 PM

unfortunately there is no tutorial thats going to explain all what you need to do. you need more then just a quick explanation. if this is a paying client i would be happy to do the animation for you. ;)

howdy-mr. 29-06-2005 11:59 PM

lol dude, it is a paying client that is why I am doing it :P

graphik 12-07-2005 04:52 PM

explosion collision
for the blast to go around the logo select the explosion particles, shift + select the logo and set them to collide. just a thought really, i rather new to dynamics and particles myself.

but honestly tho, you could probably accomplish the same thing in after effects by having an entire explosion blow forward and haved the logo 'masked' over it so the fire will only show around the letters.

hope that helped. take it easy and good luck.

** for a blast to come outta the water you need to set keys where once the logo reaches the surface you have a set amount of particles emitters, emitting a random number of particles in the positive y direction.

** for the logo to look dripping wet you need to work with fluid containers and vicous fluids. (the kind of stuff they use with lava and ink) and set the logo as the surface with which the fluids interact.

** again i am new to particles and dynamics, but its slowly becoming my passion. so i hoped what i said made some sense and helped.

** question tho? why did you take such a complicated job on? :)

ragecgi 26-09-2005 10:12 PM

Good job Graphik!

Collisions is how to make the fire "wrap" around the logo.

(The logo MUST be geometry, and NOT mapped to a plane.)

For the dripping logo, you can simply use the logo itself as a surface emitter that emits a small amount of blobby particles with a high amount of gravity, and slowly ramp (key) the particle emition to zero to make it look as though it is "drying off".

Also, a LOT of this can be better off done in post WAY faster as well.

What compositor do you use?

AE pro bundle can do all of this nativly, and the Trapcode particular plugin makes your fire and collisions a snap too.

Just trying to help:)

How did the job go by the way?

Razor Blade 26-09-2005 11:07 PM

I want to add one thing for the splashing water, what you're describing sounds like the ocean or pond...

both the ocean and ponds come with wake emitters

and the great thing about using these is that you can key frame the emitters negative or positive values to come up with various results like something splashing in the water... key framing with a sin wave will help give that effect, it just takes some tweaking to get it to look right...

The pond is just a 2D fluid container with the height field checked and some other tweaks, so the emitter is just added in via the pond portion of the menu...

for the ocean shader, when you create wakes, it automatically creats both the fluid container and the emitter. you can create 2 types of wakes with this, one creates waves the other creates foam...for your effect, use the waves... and you can play around with those and see what kind of effects you get

take some things that graphik said in his post and use wake emitters with them.... you can also use coloratpoint to help emit particles on various splashes and the sort

now use caution when using wakes with ocean... scaling is ok, but you have to set the resolution so that the voxels remain square, anything else and you'll have stretched out wakes that look aweful...

Start with wakes and go from there...

howdy-mr. 26-09-2005 11:16 PM

It has temporarily been postponed, until the product that the logo is for is completed.

And I was already working for the company, I just wanted to give it a shot.

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