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Skalman 22-10-2015 12:42 PM

Opening project freezes at 97%
So i sat all day yesterday to create my enviroment for a character, was really sick of looking at the same references for so long. So happy when i finished. Today, im trying to open my file. I saved it as a .ma. Not sure if i deleted history before. And for some reason I didnt save multiple files as i usually do. I remember after my enviroment was done, I downloaded a map of the place I was using, painting and fixing in photoshop, for some reason that PS document turned out to be 15 gb(??), which made my disk full, so i started to mess around with that, googled if it's safe to delete the appdata/temp files. seemed like it was okay to do. I know that maya saves backup projects to that folder, aswell as photoshop. Not sure, but I had a 15 gb PS file in there anyhow. So I deleted the temp, cleaned up some files, ran ccleaner etc. Reason why im saying this is because im afraid I might have deleted an important file for ths .ma file.

I use Maya 2016. Also there are only mesh objects and I belive 4 reference images, no materials, no textures, no rigged objects, no UV-mapped objects etc.

I tried:
importing the file
importing & opening the file on a diffrent computer
turning off all plugins and opening
renaming .ma to .mb and opening/importing
turning off "execute script nodes" when opening
opening & importing it in a diffrent maya version (2015)

Right now I've opened the .ma in my MEL script editor, been looking through a few google tutorials, but im really confused and dont know what to do. They are too unspecific or doesnt fully explain properly.

I don't know what to do, I can really not be bothered to redo this project..

I'll send you a dropbox link to the .ma file if you guys feel like having a look at it.


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