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Ruff 03-10-2008 11:52 AM

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BennyK 03-10-2008 01:28 PM

You should avoid using ambient lights. If you use them make sure it's really low intensity. this should fix some shadow issues.
Also make sure your lights are more colorful. Sunlight isn't white last time I checked...

Gen 04-10-2008 08:03 AM

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Wait, you're using an ambient lightsource as the sun? I don't think ambient lights are a good choice, they flatten the holy hell out of everything. By the way, that's a really low light radius(shadow radius, light angle - same effect) for what seems to be a large scene, doubt you'll see any real changes with that, Benny's settings worked for him because his scene was most likely very small. I'm assuming you're using MR because the software renderer doesn't take that into consideration as far as I know.

Ruff 04-10-2008 03:43 PM

I had been rendering it just in maya software.
ill have a render in MR and see if it makes a differance.

and ill turn those shadow rays up a bit maybe 1.5 ish.. ?
then ill post it up

ill remove the ambient light aswell, see if that makes a differance..
- Ruff

Ruff 04-10-2008 04:55 PM

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hey hey, ive done what was suggested and its looking better :)

ok now, i got 2 renders, one is maya software and the other is mental ray... (lol MR render took like 30 mins lmao... settings overload i think lol) oh yeah... and i already know the flouros are glowing to much.. lol will fix it soon

PS why the hell does MRay do overkill glow yet maya software does almost no glow at all ? i have them both on the same settings, the glow attri that is... ?

first up is maya software

Ruff 04-10-2008 04:56 PM

Mental ray
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ok the mental ray ione.. with to much glow

- Ruff

Ruff 04-10-2008 05:30 PM

By the way
Any way i thought i would write down the story board for the animation i am making where this factory is the setting for the scene.

ok soo .....

1. Industrial robot assembles a small bipedal robot. (symbolizing .. um birth .. mother, son where mother is the industrial robotic arms and son will be the small bipedal robot)

2. Small bipedal robot, son, is finished and turned on.
he has trouble finding his feet, falls over and breaks a component.

3. Mother robot ( industrial arms) hastily repairs the broken components on son robot.

4. Son robot still has trouble finding his feet.
he starts to fall again, but this time mother is ready for it.
mother grabs his antenna's before he falls all the way.

5. mother and son share a moment together, holding hands and looking at each other.. ( i gotta figure out how to put eyes on the industrial arms .. lol no ideas yet.. any suggestions?)

6. Son is excited to look around, son tries to pull mother robot with him as he looks around but mother robot is an industrial robot and is restricted in her movements, Mother cant keep up with son.

7. Son decides to bring mother all the parts to build another small robot.

8.Mother finishes building the 2nd small bipedal robot.. Son pulls mothers processor out and puts it into the 2nd small robot that mother just built.

9. industrial robotic arms go limp as son removes mothers processor, son puts the processor into the 2nd robot...

10. mother and son leave the factory hand in hand..

The end.

yeah so thats the little story im hoping to make here in this factory. theres a couple things im going to need to figure out.. ive drawn out most of the assemblaly process of Son ( will be the same for 2nd robot/Soon to be mother).
how ever im thinking i need to model a van to come and deliver a box of parts.. i dont want the scene just starting of with a robot assembly.. i want to have a human come and deliver the parts but.. alas atm im incredible terrible at organic models oh yeah... and im just as terrible at organic riging... bloody clusters and skin weights... lol what are those..:D ill get there

- Ruff
(ps, any story suggestions are welcome)

Ruff 04-10-2008 05:41 PM

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This is a VERY ruff concept of what some will look like.

so far its just a mock up to get the shape.. he will be completely rebuilt when i am happy with the design.. :)

feedback is apprieciated :D

- Ruff

BennyK 04-10-2008 09:05 PM

For Mental ray use Incandescence instead of glow. if you're using final gathering the result should be much better... have a look in this thread:

Ruff 04-10-2008 09:25 PM

Hey thanks benny,

So from what i gathered they were saying the incandes will give slight lighting with.. FGather for MR.., and a better glow?

the problem i have with that is that the renders will take way to long..FG that is, great for a still image to look great but i need the econo render.. lol one that looks .. on the upper level of mediocre and fast.. ish..

im expecting this short clip to be in the realm of 5-8 mins long

Mind you that being said i have alot to learn about rendering still... lol i still render to *.avi lol shame on me :D

(Note to Self... learn to composite :D)

anywho thanks benny ill give the incandes a go :)


Gen 05-10-2008 04:40 AM

Lol cute story, it had the "awwww" element. The MR render does look better, apart from the glow issues,I think you can still use the incandescence for a fluorescent look but without the FG and add glow in post. And yeah seriously, shame shame for rendering out avi formats :x

You can cheap your way out of it if you can't model a human, you can model the boots and pants and shoot it so you get the feel of him whistling, walking into the factory, then you model his hands and maybe his sleeves but hes carrying a huge box with like "fragile" in big bold red letters stamped onto it (should be distracting enough lol) you never see his face (maybe model a cap so you can glimpse the top of it, maybe) you never see his torso because its a upper body front shot and the box is blocking pretty much everything, you're focusing on the box and then hes gone.

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