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d24e 26-03-2003 05:52 PM

I think there's quite a big difference between defending what you personally hold dear and attacking a country for reasons that most people disapprove.

mtmckinley 26-03-2003 06:02 PM


Originally posted by undseth
mtmckinley and darkon are morons!

Well, this moron is saying you guys can take this discussion elsewhere.

Have a nice day.

Kreed_UK 26-03-2003 06:18 PM

To whatever religion you follow - peace
To whatever politics you follow - peace
to whatever football team you support - peace

To whatever beer you drink - mine's a pint. cheers!!!

I won't express my own opinion here with this particular post, suffice to say that i'm disappointed with a few ppl who have expressed opinions that are insulting to ppls intelligence/beliefs/religion etc., have no factual foundation or documented reference, & would, anywhere other than in this virtual world, inflame to the point of violence.


Demonstrate your intelligence by suppressing your desire to make an inflammatory statement, or by responding to one.


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