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Kevin 12-11-2002 09:49 AM

HP - Chamber Of Secrets
Went to see this last Sunday night with my daugher Jodie.

Well I dont know where to start.... At first I thought it was me. I was so board! I couldnt wait for it to end! I think its about 2 hrs 30 mins but it felt like 4 weeks. I even ate 2 jumbo popcorns!

But I kept quiet as I didnt want to spoil it for my girl, until she looked up at me and said "dad, this is rubbish...can we go home?" So I was not alone in my quest for freedom.

Now I dont read books, so I cant compare it, but after in the toilets the people where saying "wasnt as good as the book, or dam.. that was stretched out!" etc etc.

I understand the story to it and I must admit that inplaces it did look visually good. But for a little kid to say they were board is a major concern for a film directed at kids, although I was at fault by thinking that Jodie was to young as all the kids were glad to get out.

And that ginger haired kid is such a bad dog would do a better job.

Any way ...not trying to put any one off as some might think it is the best film in history.... I didnt like the first either, but on trailors this did look a little better.

So all in all - money wasted .... and a little bit fatter through the pop corn.


3/10 !

adldesigner 12-11-2002 02:19 PM

Damn .. Ill check around with my brother ... hes my bored-o-meter, if he isnt asleep by the first 10 minutes then the movie is good, if he is, were doomed. were outta there. :) (8years old)

kal 12-11-2002 07:39 PM

Gotta admit I loved the books, but wasnt overly keen on the first film (though Alan Rickman as ever, was awesome). Think I'll wait for this one to come out on video though.
Lets hope the two towers makes up for this when it comes out next month :D most definatly looking forward to that one

adldesigner 12-11-2002 08:06 PM

OHhhohohohoo .. me too. :beer:

Kreed_UK 12-11-2002 08:41 PM

Damn, Kev. If Jodie didn't like it it must be crap!!

& yep, bring on Two Towers:)

Kevin 12-11-2002 08:42 PM

i wouldnt watch 2 towers if they gave me a free ticket and all the pop corn i could eat!

rubbish! absolute crap

mtmckinley 12-11-2002 08:46 PM

I liked the first LotR. Is the next one not good?

sdch1000 12-11-2002 09:07 PM

Not a big LOTR fan myself. Start Wars Episode 2, is out on DVD today. I have exactly 1 hour til work ends, then I'm off to get it! Can't wait to see what Visual FX tricks and methods are included in the bonus materials. If it's anything like the Episode 1 DVD extras, then I'll be happy.

ragecgi 13-11-2002 01:12 AM

Still waiting for HP2 here in Minneapolis, opening this friday.

I've read all the books, and seen both the the us, and uk trailers, as well as the 13 released shots, and I can't wait to see it.

I'll like it no mater what, because I usually go to see a flick for the VFX value anyway...

Plus, I love the hot dogs and nachos:)

mtmckinley 13-11-2002 04:03 AM

your theatre has hotdogs and nachos? Sounds pretty fancy. :P

adldesigner 13-11-2002 04:23 AM


Originally posted by mtmckinley
your theatre has hotdogs and nachos? Sounds pretty fancy. :P
LOL, Ours here must be outta this world then, because you can even order stuff from within de room itself LOL

mtmckinley 13-11-2002 04:33 AM

lol, my little cattle town has a single 4-screen theatre... popcorn, candy, and a drink if you're lucky. :D

Kevin 13-11-2002 01:17 PM


Originally posted by mtmckinley
lol, my little cattle town has a single 4-screen theatre... popcorn, candy, and a drink if you're lucky. :D
wow... so is it the kind of place where bull riding is main entertainment feature? :)

mtmckinley 13-11-2002 04:17 PM

no, not big enough for that. Have to travel to the big city 100 miles away to see that stuff. lol

adldesigner 13-11-2002 04:31 PM


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