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Bendezium 06-05-2005 11:47 PM

UV Set Help
Hello everyone, this is my first time posting.

I have messed around with 3D apps before. I know lightwave pretty well but I just started on Maya. I started simple by modeling a low poly Atari 2600. I got the hang of the modeling tools so I moved on to texturing. I laid out all my UV's, took the snapshot, painted it, and applied it. I was suprised how easy it went.

Then I said "this Atari needs a game and a joystick!" I modeled them, laid out the UV's took the snapshot, painted it, but I can't get them projected on the object!

I can't seem to find any menu that show's you your UV sets and what objects are applied to them, and in Hypershader I can't find any option telling Maya what UV set to project your image onto.

I'm very confused because my to TGA files both seemed to be mapped to a set called map1 but my UV's for the game and controller are mapped to a set called AtariBody(which was created accidently somehow in my trial and error).

I'm having a lot of trouble browsing my UV features. I've read a lot of the tutorials but they just seem to be "do this and do that" without a lot of explanation of what things are. Can anyone help out?

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