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siegristi 16-02-2019 11:39 PM

my UVs keep tiling when I render in Renderman
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Hi! So I'm using a game model for a class assignment. I laid out the UV's and everything and now I'm trying to texture it, I took a UV snapshot, took it into photoshop, imported into maya 2018 as a jpeg. I'm using a PxrSurface to apply my 2D texture but for some reason...its tiling? It is as if its putting the texture ON EVERY FACE of the model that has the Pxrsurface applied to it. This seems to be only a problem when I use PxrSurface/Renderman because I applied the same 2d texture but on a lambert surface and it looks just fine(pics included). I really do not know what's going on? Someone please help!! (I've included the JPEG file of the UV, the way it looks when rendered with renderman, the way it looks with just a lambert texture on it, and the UVS on maya)

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