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melyy3 08-06-2013 06:42 PM

Batch Render different than Single Frame (metalray)
My Single Frame mentalray renders are working perfectly.
However, when I go to render the scene using Batch Render, my images come out with missing textures.

I have found some scripts in the following link:
This script works but it renders my file with Maya Software and not mentalray.

Is there any scripts that allow me to batch render using mentalray?
Or is there a solution to have my textures show up on batch render?

Thank you for your help.

Edit: Im using Maya 2013

Gen 15-06-2013 07:05 PM

What format are the missing textures? Last I checked, MR doesn't like tiff. Are you using psd files without using the special psd texture node in Maya?

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