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kierandonaldson 29-02-2008 12:59 PM

Transfer Maps

I'm using Maya 2008 and have a nightmare of a time trying to find the Transfer Maps menu (to project a normal map to a surface).

The help says goto [Rendering] Lighting/Shading->Transfer Maps...

but I can't find the Rendering Menu or the Lighting/Shading menu or Transfer Maps.

It seems I spend more time looking for menus than anything else when using Maya.

NeoStrider 29-02-2008 01:25 PM

haven't used maya 2008 (or seen it) but usually at the top left there's a dropdown menu that has like... modeling, rendering, animation, dynamics, etc.

they may have changed it to mesh/polygon/etc for modeling...

but basically the regular menu you see at the top (with file, edit, view, etc) can be changed depending on what you want to do... dynamics, modeling, rendering, etc.

another way you could find the menu you're looking for is by using the hotbox.

in the viewport, hold down the space key. it brings up pretty much all of the menus available. you can navigate from either the hotbox OR the menu sets at the top, they're virtually the same.

kierandonaldson 29-02-2008 01:29 PM

Many thanks for your speedy and helpful response. I'd missed that box in the top left. I think all the tutorial vids I've seen are for older versions of Maya that don't have it. That's my excuse anyway ...i'll go read the manual.

Thanks again!

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