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Rubberk 11-07-2006 10:02 PM

Grid dissapears when work in Meters
Hey guys, i'm following a book on character development and i had to set my settings for grid to meter instead of default centimeter.

However something weird happens whenever its in meter. The grid basically dissapears and i have to zoom in the see it up really close and then when i start to zoom out the upper portion dissapears and then the whole grid dissapears:confused:

Another thing is that when i press A or the perspective cube (maya 7) it zooms to the default and i can see the grid fine but as soon as it's done zooming (like 0.7 seconds later) the grid dissapears.

This only happens when im in perspective and im working in Maya 7. Please if anybody knows how to fix this help me out cuz i tried everything i could think of and this problem only happens when i have my grid displayed in meters instead of centimeters.


Some Guy 11-07-2006 10:43 PM

i had this problem a while back. Your veiw distance is too small. you need ot go to

Settings and prerferences

and then find the option for veiw distance or clipping.
hope this helps :)

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