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adldesigner 27-04-2003 09:42 AM

I´ll accept your battle Brian
Please PM about details before starting.
I like the flower idea.

brian_ellebracht 28-04-2003 11:56 AM

sounds great! I got your email, thought that I would reply here. Um.. How long? don't know, I have finals and stuff this comming week, so I am going to be studying alot, and finnishing up some animations, so Maybe two weeks, starting today? A week? Its up to you. I really want the final render to be a composite as well if that will work for you. I figured we didn't need to work on the same flower, as long as we are both working on flowers. I look forward to working on this with you. Let me know what you think! THanks,

adldesigner 28-04-2003 12:06 PM

Excellent Brian, I have some trouble too ... so the two weeks deadline seems reasonable enough.

Topic: Photorealistic composite of a flower.
Time Limit: 2 Weeks
Textures: Yes
Post-Processing: Allowed

Do we agree on these terms?

brian_ellebracht 28-04-2003 12:19 PM

Sounds Great, so I guess it would be may 12th then? Cool! THanks alot for the challenge!

adldesigner 28-04-2003 12:22 PM

May 12th it is.
I´ll make up the thread.
I´ll post May 14th to allow for two days of voting.

Thanks to you too, I´ll enjoy it. :)

brian_ellebracht 28-04-2003 12:34 PM

Cool! So were starting today right? THanks! Can't wait to start. I promise I will get the final render in this time. lol

adldesigner 28-04-2003 12:39 PM

I promise so too. ;)

**EDIT** Battle thread is up by the way.
Can be found here

twisteddragon33 06-05-2003 12:38 PM

I wonder why no other challenges have come up... I kind of want to join one but dont want to start one... no idea what to make..

mumbojumbo_13 07-05-2003 12:01 PM

well if there's a demand for a mobile you could battle someone to make a mobile then upload it into the model section ?

Apollo15 11-05-2003 04:02 AM

newbie guy
Battle Request

To: Anyone that will battle a newbie
Topic: build a Mech,Mecha
Modeling Type: Polys
Textures: No
Time Limit: not really set yet but i say 1-2 weeks



ace3 11-05-2003 08:16 PM

Hey, I will battle you if I am allowed to use 3D Studio MAX because I don't know how to use Maya yet.

M 11-05-2003 09:03 PM

Alright, hey ace, welcome aboard! Same to you apollo :). Anyways, yes.. max is allowed as the challenge is to model and maya and max are just tools :). Ok, that said Ace3 and Apollo 15 will be battling. I will start up the thread in the 1 on 1 battle section :). Here are the rules:

Topic: Mech
Modelling type: Poly
Textures: No
Time limit: 2 weeks

Alright, the battle will start today, and end on sunday 2 weeks from now. The poll will go on for one more day :).

oatmeal 13-05-2003 03:09 AM

Battle Request
To: Anyone
Topic: lowpoly of any street fighter character
Modeling Type: Polys 3500 tris
Textures: yes 2 512x512 texture and 2 alpha (if you need it) maps
Time Limit: 3 weeks
when done, you must show-
1:atleast front, side, back view of final model
2:wireframe that shows the poly count
3:1 beauty render (posed if you like but not required)
4:all texture and alpha maps used

M 15-05-2003 02:14 PM

Street fighter character :O :O.. sweet!... Great idea oatmeal.. but yea i do not see why anyone else should NOT take this on.. it seems like an awesome battle :D.. YOu could learn a lot with this.. especially if you took up someone like ryu or ken, with all that muscle.

oatmeal 18-05-2003 02:24 AM takers for my challenge yet? oh well, i guess i'll just do this on my own

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