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Posted By Dutch_Can On 07-05-2012 | Views: 2,612 Replies: 9
Made a few updates and I also modelled tracks into the scene.

@ bullet1968 thanks for the link they will help.
Posted By Dutch_Can On 06-05-2012 | Views: 2,612 Replies: 9
Probably as far as the pictures I found they show lots of detail and I will do my best to implent them.

Anyways little update on the cow cather/cattle catcher.
Posted By Dutch_Can On 05-05-2012 | Views: 2,471 Replies: 5
Questions about an online 3D course.

I really would like to do one of these but I can't decide which one. I have two options (I bet there is more but I narrowed it down to these two). The first...
Posted By Dutch_Can On 05-05-2012 | Views: 2,612 Replies: 9
Well I haven't been here for a long time but I guess everyone knows this that family life comes above all.
Nevertheless I did do some modelling and today I present you the Baldwin Class 56 Engine...
Posted By Dutch_Can On 10-08-2010 | Views: 1,722 Replies: 3
Hiya people

Question. A buddy of mine uses Maya 2009 and ran into the problem of not having a extrude tool no matter what he tries it doesn't show up. I know about the + and - to make a tool...
Posted By Dutch_Can On 17-10-2009 | Views: 654 Replies: 2
I have a small problem.
I started modelling a Pagani Zonda and I fell into a rather odd problem that I haven't seen before, but on the front fender I have a black spot.
My two sided lighting is...
Posted By Dutch_Can On 26-08-2009 | Views: 1,185 Replies: 1
Maybe an obvious question but are the blocks as shown in the picture 1 by 1 meter blocks as I have set it to meter in working units and is there something as a ruler in Maya ?

Thanks for any...
Posted By Dutch_Can On 17-06-2009 | Views: 1,059 Replies: 4
It looks nice but I hope you give credit to the owner of this tutorial.
Posted By Dutch_Can On 01-05-2009 | Views: 3,436 Replies: 1
I have got a short and sweet question: how do you smooth normals in Maya.

Thank you in advance
Posted By Dutch_Can On 13-04-2009 | Views: 1,043 Replies: 0
Haven't posted anything for awhile but I picked up a project again the Audi-A4.
This is for the 1998 BTTC mod, but I would like to know one thing this is still in early stages but the models are...
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