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Posted By puneet.3d On 29-02-2012 | Views: 192,768 Replies: 162
so what is the new challenge?
Posted By puneet.3d On 21-02-2012 | Views: 2,523 Replies: 2
i am also doing one medical project. :)
Posted By puneet.3d On 17-02-2012 | Views: 192,768 Replies: 162
I missed robot challenge. but i am back again. waiting for the next challenge ...
Posted By puneet.3d On 10-02-2012 | Views: 4,546 Replies: 13
learning render settings you need to spend time on it. production settings preset always render in good quality but it also depends on the mesh, shadows, shaders, and textures. default settings of...
Posted By puneet.3d On 07-02-2012 | Views: 3,240 Replies: 6
first you try this way . if its not done then send me your file at . i will check it once.
Posted By puneet.3d On 07-02-2012 | Views: 3,240 Replies: 6
you can follow the steps given below;

1.) go to file>optimize scene size
2.) mark all the values and hit optimize.
3.) after that save the file with a new name.
4.) close maya and then re-open...
Posted By puneet.3d On 27-01-2012 | Views: 2,424 Replies: 2
well i think. you are making a small mistake. follow this tutorial carefully its bit more complicated. make sure all joints are names as they are named in the tutorial and make sure all the...
Posted By puneet.3d On 18-01-2012 | Views: 1,209 Replies: 3
if you can please post your maya file?
Posted By puneet.3d On 18-01-2012 | Views: 3,843 Replies: 14
congrats to all the winners. Beautiful work done by all the participants . Mayaoo has done superb job in modeling and later in texturing too. excellent proportions great concept. It seems like a...
Posted By puneet.3d On 09-01-2012 | Views: 4,798 Replies: 4
Forum: Animation
what i have done so far just have a look. and please tell me what are the mistakes?
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