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Posted By Dobrasz96 On 18-08-2019 | Views: 8,792 Replies: 3
Exciting news indeed. Looking forward to the new content. Cheers,
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 09-08-2019 | Views: 8,792 Replies: 3
Hello SimplyMaya Team,
Massive thanks for assembling these tutorials. I appreciate the level of work and time required to do this. I am keen to find out what's your next 100% Maya modelling tutorial...
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 15-04-2017 | Views: 20,465 Replies: 24
Forum: Maya Modeling
Excellent resource, great job!
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 24-12-2016 | Views: 8,948 Replies: 0

I've run into some trouble installing iDeform for the Room Interior tutorial.

I've download the Plug-in, coped 'iDeform.bundle' file and paste it to 'Applications/maya2016/plug-ins'.
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 11-03-2016 | Views: 150,275 Replies: 139
Thanks Jay,

You have amassed a nice collection of ref. sites.

Have you come across any steam locomotive sites that you would recommend.

Posted By Dobrasz96 On 10-03-2016 | Views: 150,275 Replies: 139
Hi Everyone,

In the Spash-House tutorial, David showed us a website repository whereby you can find plans for classic homes.

I'm keen to read what resources people use to access other detail...
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 20-01-2016 | Views: 2,897 Replies: 4
Hi David,
Must have been a MAYA problem. I recently installed MAYA 2016 and the issue has resolved.
Thanks again for your help, I have a complete model. BTW - are you planning to upload a rigging...
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 14-01-2016 | Views: 2,897 Replies: 4
No probs!

Followed your instructions (as well as multiple variations) and unfortunately the problem remains - the duplicated arm / leg turn appear black.

What could be causing the objects to...
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 13-01-2016 | Views: 2,897 Replies: 4

I have completed the first module! Finally, the only step left to do is the Special Duplicate step for both the arm and leg.

Unfortunately, when I attempt to do this simple task the...
Posted By Dobrasz96 On 31-12-2015 | Views: 2,932 Replies: 2
Thanks Myth,

I think my Maya 2015 is playing games on me. I tired all options, including your suggestion. Not working.

I ended up going the long way, mirrored the harness, separated the objects...
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