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Posted By Stormgetto On 03-10-2011 | Views: 3,104 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work
Thanks for the cc, and yes i agree with "too slow building up". that was the feedback I got it most from my colleagues.
So as I keep applying for jobs, I will keep working on those...
Posted By Stormgetto On 01-10-2011 | Views: 3,104 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work
Thanks Dave, ctbram.

The cloth simulation was a test project that I was doing to make the simulation to be transferred to conventional bone setup, since Game Engine only support bones setup, but...
Posted By Stormgetto On 29-09-2011 | Views: 3,104 Replies: 5
Forum: Finished Work

being long time since my last post.
But as always I come back here where everything started for me.
This simple site has being improving so much from when I became a member.
Posted By Stormgetto On 02-07-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
I finished my NVIArt entry work.
I haven`t posted much WIP since my test render because of UV mapping work that was causing too many crashes in my PC.
I was going to have many UV channel for...
Posted By Stormgetto On 12-06-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
Ok, this will be quite a "jump" from last update post.
Sorry for not update frequently my WIP, some it is because of some changes that I needed to do on my base idea, so end up a bit different from...
Posted By Stormgetto On 16-05-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
trying to define more the details.
Red Lines is the outline of the vehicle.
Blue lines will be where the light would go, as Syd "Blade Runner" style, has some black or neon lights on the vehicle, I...
Posted By Stormgetto On 16-05-2010 | Views: 16,659 Replies: 111
Nice colloring.
Give a very hard solid surface.
With some dirt will look fantastic.
Posted By Stormgetto On 12-05-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
here it go, this is Silvia S14, my current car.
The reason I`m choosing, it is because I believe either now or in the future, street racers would not be able to afford too expencise vehicles, but...
Posted By Stormgetto On 11-05-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
New update:

Today I had a bad stomach, so I didn`t got to work either work on this project.:headbang:
But now is slow process anyway. I took my base male base model and pose it, as racer should...
Posted By Stormgetto On 10-05-2010 | Views: 2,980 Replies: 26
Chirone: I always take many reference based on what I want to do, so I did some vast search on engine structure.
And there I found some essential parts, like turbo, exhaust pipe, muffler,...
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