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Posted By Ultragames On 07-07-2004 | Views: 1,297 Replies: 23
Wow, ididnt realise that was Kurt when i voted for it last night, and made it my wallpaper. NICE JOB!
Posted By Ultragames On 29-06-2004 | Views: 1,343 Replies: 16
if you want to learn how to cool your computer properly, including water cooling, email me. Ill hook you up with all teh info you need.
Posted By Ultragames On 10-06-2004 | Views: 1,296 Replies: 15
I've done various transcriptions of music for Clarinet and Saxaphone, (Thats what i play. Sax kinda sorta, and the Clarinet realy good) I know. Im a totaly different type of 'band geek' than you...
Posted By Ultragames On 26-04-2004 | Views: 1,027 Replies: 8
I too have Image Ready. But i always use Microsoft GIF Animator. Image ready poses alot of problems that i've never taken the time to work through. Though it may be an option for those who are...
Posted By Ultragames On 24-04-2004 | Views: 1,027 Replies: 8
Video Mach wont save as an animated gif. It just uses gifs, then saves as a video file.

Download Microsoft GIF Animator. Google it.
Posted By Ultragames On 19-04-2004 | Views: 2,873 Replies: 36

Is it just me, or are they pumping these out like mad.
Posted By Ultragames On 06-04-2004 | Views: 622 Replies: 2
I think they are somewhere in the WorldBuilder files that come with all the new C&C games.
Posted By Ultragames On 01-04-2004 | Views: 835 Replies: 5
Uninstall, but leave the files there. Then reinstall. That should help.
Posted By Ultragames On 01-04-2004 | Views: 1,660 Replies: 17
np man. Web design is my job.

what does DSA mean?
Posted By Ultragames On 31-03-2004 | Views: 1,660 Replies: 17
Personaly i hate dreamweaver, but thats just me. I code it all myself.

Tables, and image splicing. It might take a while for you to learn how to get the images to align correctly, but heres the...
Showing results 1 to 10 of 500