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Posted By Creck On 01-02-2013 | Views: 3,087 Replies: 2
Forum: Finished Work
Looks really good to me mate :) are you going to create rest of character as well ?

Posted By Creck On 31-01-2013 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 7
Both of cards have 1GB of memory.

Based on your previous posts it looks like that won't be enough even for projects with more than few millions of polys. However, I'll give it a try...
Posted By Creck On 30-01-2013 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 7
Thanks for reply Rick, appreciate that. However, the situation has changed just a little bit as my sister asked me to build her a new PC, so I thought I might give her my current GPU (BFG GTX 285)...
Posted By Creck On 29-01-2013 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 7
Thanks for reply dave, I can use any version of Maya, as I have student license, but what about performance ? Is it worth the money ?
Posted By Creck On 28-01-2013 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 7
What about this one ?
Posted By Creck On 28-01-2013 | Views: 1,962 Replies: 7
Hi guys,

I would like to ask you for help about buying a new graphic card. Currently I own nVidia GTX 285 (overclocked BFG version, DX 10.0 supported). However, my budget is pretty limited (just...
Posted By Creck On 17-11-2012 | Views: 1,299 Replies: 5
Thanks ND, I think I will go for it, there is nothing to loose after all, except of time of course.
Posted By Creck On 14-11-2012 | Views: 1,299 Replies: 5
Hi guys, I just wanted to know what do you think about learning spanish as next foreign language besides russian and english. Is it a good choice or should I choose another one ? May you give me some...
Posted By Creck On 19-10-2012 | Views: 8,636 Replies: 27
Wow, this feature looks amazing; great job guys :) I will probably try to upload my hetzer too once I get currently I'm living at boardinghouse because of school :/
btw. I am back :)...
Posted By Creck On 02-08-2012 | Views: 6,313 Replies: 43
Looks good stwert ;) especially those wheels to me....would like to finish mine too as soon as possible, but as I have a brigade now and need to do a lot of stuff about registering to university,...
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