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Posted By murtaza On 07-04-2012 | Views: 3,068 Replies: 8

well I don't want to make excuses but, my computer Hard drive get damaged and I was busy as well,
here is my progress for today :)
Posted By murtaza On 31-03-2012 | Views: 3,068 Replies: 8
Ok I take my Image plane ready,

I want to model a Helicopter call bell 206 Ranger :)
Posted By murtaza On 07-03-2012 | Views: 3,068 Replies: 8
Deadline is coming closer and I am not yet done with sketching!:smoke:

I really want to model a Helicopter, I don't know about their models but I will see what I can make, My first decision was a...
Posted By murtaza On 03-03-2012 | Views: 3,068 Replies: 8
thanks to Simply Maya to create this opportunity for Maya users to show off their abilities, Since I am a self learned student in Maya, I doubt to attend since I don't see myself qualified for this...
Posted By murtaza On 29-02-2012 | Views: 2,367 Replies: 4
Forum: Finished Work
Good job

I think the pages are a bit glossy!!!
nice selection of music

If you can breakdown your job I appreciate that!

Keep it up
Posted By murtaza On 28-02-2012 | Views: 3,169 Replies: 20

please put this on the to-do list for the site programmers
Posted By murtaza On 09-11-2011 | Views: 1,751 Replies: 5

I think first off you need a turntable from Animate menu then, turn on wire frame on shaded then take a play blast of that save the video of it, and then render you final color and mix your...
Posted By murtaza On 22-10-2011 | Views: 3,110 Replies: 12
Congratulation to ALL! Guys you are awesome :)

Posted By murtaza On 27-09-2011 | Views: 890 Replies: 0
Hello and Greeting

Just a quick question if you have time to answer!
do you know a palace to get information about motion graphic and Maya.
I know for C4d

thanks in advance :)
Posted By murtaza On 27-09-2011 | Views: 3,393 Replies: 9
Forum: Maya Modeling
to be honest I am agree with bump map quicker, but Answer of NEXTDESIGN and HONETDOM are good.
just use deformers and there u go.

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